Kilburn State Records

Kilburn State Records was setup to release the music of Jay Fisher and his projects Apple Rabbits and J.B.Presley

Oberkampf by Apple Rabbits (12 inch Vinyl Album)


Oberkampf by Apple Rabbits (12 inch Vinyl Album)


The first vinyl EP from Apple Rabbits & the first release since 2012s Kilburn State.

released April 25, 2016

Produced by Charlie Conquest.
Written, arranged, composed,performed and recorded by Jay Fisher.
String and Flute sessions recorded by Dug Wolfsohn.
Violas & violins on tracks 1A,2A and 2B performed by Rachael Birkin.
Flutes on Track 1B performed by Jason Hull.
Mixed & mastered by Fran Ashcroft.
Vinyl cut by Cicely Ralston & Darrel Sheinman at Gearbox Records.
Printed by Optimal Media.

copyright: all rights reserved

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